I Love to Pretend

I Love to Pretend!


Quotes I bought your daddy book for my son because I have a new baby on the way. My 4year old son has now memorized it and walks around the house reading it to everyone and acting it out! It is so cute! Quotes
Mom and teacher

Quotes My son loved your cashier book! He is 6 and we have been trying to teach him pretend play through modeling...what a difference this book made! He remembered all the steps so quickly! Order is already placed for other two books. Thanks! Quotes
Anna & Thomas
Mom and son

Quotes My daughter loved all three of the books! She can't get enough of them! Please make some more! Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes Thank you for these wondeful books. They've helped my son understand pretend play. Quotes
Krupa Dsouza
Satisfied Mom

Quotes Thank You! These stories make it so easy to target pretend play with my early intervention and preschool students!! I love that I don't need to re-create the wheel again & again. These books make my life easier and make learning fun for my stuents. I look forward to buying the rest of the series. Thanks Again, Kristen Larkin Quotes
Kristen Larkin, M.S. Ed. Special Education
Thankfull Educator!!

Quotes just received your book. great service. thanks Quotes

Quotes wonderful book. my kids loved them Quotes

Quotes i loved it ! i couldnt put it down ! even now i still have it in my hand!! Quotes
chris sievers
i love to pretend im a daddy

Quotes "These social stories are awesome, thanks for making it easier for teachers to be able to address these skills in a book that is already put together for us!" Quotes