I Love to Pretend

I Love to Pretend!

                                 Welcome!  Let's Pretend!

About the Books:

"I'm a Daddy," "Let's Play Cashier," and "Let's Play Doctor" were created in order to teach children with autism and other social disabilities how to pretend play through social stories.  For children who are learning to pretend play and socially interact with their peers, these books will be helpful in guiding them through the motions of pretending to be a daddy, cashier and a doctor.  For parents who focus on generalization, and receptive and expressive language, real life pictures associated with daddies, supermarkets, and doctors have been added to the storybooks.

About the Author:

  Ellen Viola Thalhamer III is a teacher of Special Education, who specializes in teaching children on the autism spectrum.  She graduated from Saint Joseph's College of New York with her Bachelor's in Special and General Education and from Long Island Univerity with a Master's in Special Education.  She also received her BCSE (Board Certified in Special Education) in October 2010.  Currently, Ellen is going back to school for her BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analysis).  Over the years, she has learned how important social stories are for children with autism.  She is hoping her books, which have been created much like a social story, will be a valuable resource for both parents and teachers.